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Google billionaire Sergey Brin opens family office in Singapore

Google co-founder Sergey • Sergey Brin's family office has expanded to Singapore. Bloomberg News first reported on this. The documents submitted to corporate regulators by Bayshore Global Management, which manages Brin's wealth, show that the company opened an office in the Bank of Singapore in October last year.

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In recent years, Singapore has attracted more and more family offices. The Monetary Authority of Singapore stated in October last year that there are approximately 200 single-family offices in Singapore that manage assets valued at approximately US$20 billion.

Brin is ranked tenth on the "Forbes" real-time billionaire list, and is currently worth $87 billion. "Forbes" also recognized him as the richest immigrant in the United States. Brin was born in Moscow, his father was a mathematical economist, and his family moved to the United States when he was six years old. He met co-founder Larry Page while studying for a PhD in computer science at Stanford University. Brin and Page served as the president and chief executive officer of Google's parent company Alphabet until December 2019. Although they no longer actively manage Alphabet, they hold a controlling stake and have a place on the board of directors.

Like several other American billionaires—including Elon of SpaceX—Musk and Jeff of Blue Origin—Bezos—Like Brin also feels about space exploration. Interest, and supported the Google Lunar XPrize competition, which lasts for 10 years and invests 30 million US dollars to provide people with affordable space commercial travel. In 2018, the $20 million prize was unclaimed, but XPrize has recently been touting its team’s continued success in space travel, especially lunar travel.

The author called and emailed the Bank of Singapore and Bayshore Global to request comment, but neither received an immediate response.

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