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Forbes China Hall of Fame first broadcast success, over 2 million people watched

7 the evening of 29th, the long-awaited first installment Forbes China Hall of Fame was successfully launched on Baidu App, and Wahaha Chairman Zong Qinghou served as the first live guest. In the live broadcast of more than 2 hours, the number of viewers was over 2 million times, and the premiere has ushered in a great start!


The first phase of the Forbes China Hall of Fame will transform the live broadcast into a classic small shop, cleverly reproduced The scene in the 1980s proves that Wahaha has been by our side for 33 years. During the live broadcast, Zong Qinghou and live broadcast host Jiang Yufei (2018 Forbes China U30 list) focused on Wahaha development history, Kangli e-commerce platform, Wahaha product strength, intelligent manufacturing, helping poverty alleviation, and future developmentConversations started on multiple topics, which attracted audiences to leave comments and likes.


The scene of the small shop reproduces the 80s Scene


Comfort E-commerce Platform It is one of the ways of Wahaha channel innovation. Zong Qinghou said in the live broadcast that the development of a large health industry is to meet the needs of social development, to implement the healthy China strategy, and also to transform and upgrade the company. Different from other e-commerce platforms, the Kangyi e-commerce platform focuses on big health products. He hoped that Kangyi could serve the health of the people and popularize the concept of health, so as to improve the state of "sub-health" of the Chinese people.

As the founder of Wahaha, Zong Qinghou treasures the products of his own brand. In the live broadcast, he introduced in detail many new Wahaha products such as PH 9.0 soda water, quinoa milk porridge, nine kinds of nut vegetable protein drinks, prickly pear C tablet candies, crystal blue blueberry tablet candies . Among them, the raw material of prickly pear C tablet candy comes from the counterpart support area in Hangzhou City—— Qiandongnan Prefecture of Guizhou Province. Wahaha has driven local prickly pear products to be sold to all parts of the country to help them increasing income and alleviating poverty >. In terms of industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, and material donations, Wahaha actively assumes social responsibility to help the country win the battle against poverty and demonstrate the responsibility of large enterprises.


Wahaha Chairman Zong Qinghou introduced Wahaha Products


In the live broadcast, Zong Qinghou shared "Little fish eat big fish", advertisement Ci Design and other stories worth remembering in the development process of Wahaha, and analyzed the famous "production area sales, real estate sales", joint sales model, self-built ERP system and advanced intelligent production line. The audience watching the live broadcast also learned from him. To understand Wahaha better in the narration.

Zong Qinghou insists on the unchanging concept——innovation, the same is true Centennial Forbes's core philosophy. Forbes China Hall of Fame comes from this. Based on strong brand advantages and platform support, Forbes China Hall of Fame has unique advantages and actively seeks cross-industry cooperation, seeks innovation and development, and promotes the transformation and development of the industry.

Focus on business celebrities and convey brand value. Forbes China Hall of Fame focuses on business celebrities, launches a new model of strong brand live broadcast, creates a new perspective of live broadcast from a commercial perspective, and creates a typical example of celebrity live broadcast with a new concept , To witness the growth of Chinese enterprises and the take-off of the Chinese economy in the live broadcast era.


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Who will be the next business celebrity to be on the Forbes China Hall of Fame? Stay tuned.