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From starting point to starting point: 2020 under 30

The dream of youth is a true projection of the future. How to cross the boundary between the virtual and the real, break the barrier of time and space, and connect the present with the future?

While most people are still seeking answers, these young people have found the "any door" to their dream land. If you get close to them and observe carefully, you will find that they have something in common—young and energetic, knowledgeable and ambitious, brave to break through and pursue innovation, and have perseverance in their dreams with passion and persistence, and be positive Trying to use their own power to influence and change the world-they are exactly the new force that Forbes China's Under 30 Elite List is dedicated to looking for.

April 8, 2020 · starting point

On this day, Forbes China formally recruited elites under the age of 30 from the society, pressing the button to launch a new round of elite activities under the age of 30, and looking for new forces in the era of subversion in the challenging 2020.

January 1, 1990 is the age boundary for applicants for this selection. The post-90s generation who have been labeled as "rebellious", "spoiled", "beaten generation" and other labels have grown into the backbone of social and economic development. At the same time, younger generations The younger generations are following closely. On June 30, more than two months later, the registration deadline was over, and there were thousands of application forms waiting for the editorial department and U30 judges.

November 9, 2020 · release list

On November 9, 2020, after more than 4 months of careful inspection and selection, Forbes China released the 2020 Elite List for Under 30, and selected 300 outstanding young people active in various fields in China from 10 industries, including entrepreneurship Home, outstanding managers and people in the performing arts, sports, technology and culture circles. They successfully stepped into Under 30, a globally influential and appealing young generation elite community. In the future, their achievements will also feed back and expand this group, making U30 more scaled and more successful.

January 21, 2021 · Awards

From January 20-21, 2021, the 2020 Forbes China Under 30 Elite Summit (U30 Summit) co-sponsored by Forbes China and Forbes Global Alliance (FGA) came to a successful conclusion.

On the night of January 21, the stars Yaoshen City. On the occasion of the handover of the old and the new, the 2020 Forbes China U30 list ushered in their year-end ceremony ——2020 Forbes China Under 30 Elite List Awards Ceremony.

Forbes China CEO Li Siwei attended the event and delivered a speech. He expressed his warm congratulations to the U30 players on the list, and believes that their participation will make the huge global picture of Under 30 richer and more vivid. He said that in the future, Forbes China and Forbes Global Alliance will promote more disruptive innovations and changes among the younger generation in China, and influence the world with China's innovative power.

Li Siwei, CEO of Forbes China


At the event site, the U30 elites on the list were dressed up and stepped on the red carpet to show off their unique personal style under the camera. In the subsequent awards ceremony, under the auspices of Jiang Yufei, the media industry leader of the 2018 Forbes China U30 list and the host of SMG CBN, the current Forbes China U30 players took to the stage one by one, starting from the U30 list. The judges and senior leaders of Forbes China accepted the trophy, and at the same time, they also carved a unique mark of honor in their life before the age of 30.

Red carpet photo zone


Red carpet photo zone


Awards ceremony site


Awards ceremony site


Awards ceremony site


Host of the awards ceremony: 2018 Forbes China U30 list media industry leader Jiang Yufei, host of SMG CBN


The list of judges who attended the award ceremony were (in alphabetical order of their names): Liu Yun, Founding Partner/Chairman of China Medical Capital, Sun Zhengjie, Managing Director of Merck China Innovation Center, School of Fashion and Art Design, Donghua University Vice President Wang Zhaohui, Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai Managing Director/CEO Zhou Jian, China Want Want Finance Chief Zhu Jiwen, Directive Games senior producer, China Business Director Zhang Zhuyun, etc.

Chica Team Dance Company, 2019 Forbes China U30 List Music Industry Lister Li Qi, "This! It's Hip-hop" Season 2 champion Ye Yin and his team Wiik Family attended the awards ceremony and performed on stage, igniting the feast of youth with moving singing and sassy dance.

Chica Team Dance Company


2019 Forbes China U30 Music Industry Lister Li Qi


"Here! It’s Hip-hop" Season 2 champion Ye Yin and his team Wiik Family


January 22, 2021 · new starting point

This is 2020 that Forbes China Under 30 has gone through. However, for U30 players, registering for the election is obviously not the starting point of this road, and receiving awards on stage is not the end of this road. But these critical moments will become important nodes in your life. As Dr. Kai-Fu Li said in the video speech of this U30 summit, when you look back on the past, these important decisions in life will be connected to each other, and finally merge into your future.

Because from the beginning to the beginning, everything has just begun.


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