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In the new era, see China leading the global innovation "acceleration"


October in golden autumn, there will be endless events. The 2020 Forbes China Innovation Summit (hereinafter referred to as the summit) with the theme of "New Breakthroughs in Global Innovation" officially kicked off yesterday. At the summit yesterday, the wonderful speeches of the guests received numerous applause from the audience, and the atmosphere of the event was warm. This morning, the 2020 Forbes China Innovation Summit successfully entered the next day's agenda, and Song Qinyi, who was listed on the 2018 Forbes China U30, continued to serve as the host of the summit.

2018 Forbes China U30 Lister Song Qinyi served as the host of the summit


Ren Yancheng, executive director of Forbes Global Alliance, gave an opening speech for today's summit. In her speech, she said that in the new era, all walks of life are seizing opportunities and striving to catch up with the development trend of the times with innovation. And Chengdu is emerging in China and the world with the pulse of innovation and the rise of industries. As a global communication platform under the Forbes Media Group, Forbes Global Alliance will also insist on promoting the young generation to lead the future development trend of society with innovation.

Ren Yancheng, Executive Director of Forbes Global Alliance, addressed the summit


Forbes Media Group Executive Vice President Moira · Forbes (Moira Forbes) sent a video speech. She said that China is at the forefront of innovation in the world. The current technological changes and the new crown pneumonia epidemic are spawning new business models everywhere. She believes that this summit can promote exchanges and help everyone achieve greater business development and various tasks. achievement.

Forbes Media Group Executive Vice President Moira · Forbes Video Message


Later, He Xiaopeng, Chairman of Xiaopeng Motors, Xu Xiang, Executive General Manager of Shenzhen Venture Capital, and General Manager of Southwest Region, respectively used "New Future of Intelligent Mobility" and "How Capital Builds China's Emerging Science and Innovation Space". Give a speech on the topic.

He Xiaopeng, Chairman of Xiaopeng Motors

He Xiaopeng believes that the current stage is still the initial stage of electric vehicles, disruptive technologies have not yet appeared, and the next ten years will be a decade of ups and downs for smart cars. He predicts that 2023 will be the fast lane for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles will intelligently change people's lives in the future.


Xu Xiang, Executive General Manager of Shenzhen Venture Capital and General Manager of Southwest Region

Xu Xiang analyzed the data and trends of the Sci-tech Innovation Board since its inception and the opportunities for China's technological innovation in recent years. He believes that current innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises are continuing to emerge, and venture capital institutions are becoming more mature and specialized. In the next 5-10 years, the science and technology innovation board and the ChiNext will show a trend of flying on both sides. In addition, he also expressed the hope that more and more Chengdu companies can be listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board and ChiNext.


Zhang Ping, deputy director of Chengdu Investment Promotion Bureau, promotes Chengdu’s business environment

Zhang Ping, deputy director of Chengdu Investment Promotion Bureau, introduced Chengdu's business environment. He introduced Chengdu’s six major advantages in detail from the perspectives of broad market space, complete industrial system, open advantages, convenient transportation, rich human resources, and excellent business environment. He hoped that all entrepreneurs and Chengdu will jointly seize investment opportunities and mutual Development and mutual empowerment.


A round-table dialogue with the theme of “Dual-core Integrated Smart Transportation——Chengyu One-Hour Traffic Circle”

The roundtable dialogue session focused on “dual-core integrated smart transportation——Chengyu one-hour traffic circle”, Yu Lifeng, managing partner of Yuanxing Capital, Xu Qiyuan, vice president of Neolithic Autonomous Vehicles, and Hesai Technology Intelligence Wu Jian, the head of the Sensor Division, and Lou Yuqiang, a partner and vice president of Changxing Intelligent, shared their views on the topic.

Yu Lifeng said that the implementation of intelligent driving scenarios should be more from a safety perspective. It is meaningful to take the lead in achieving local breakthroughs in the field of autonomous driving within a specific population coverage and economic aggregate area. Xu Qiyuan believes that the most important thing for autonomous driving and intelligent network connection is the implementation of policies. He looks forward to playing more roles in the future integration of Chengdu-Chongqing dual-core. Wu Jian said that unmanned driving has appeared around people in different forms, and the improvement of actual safety and efficiency has caused more and more attention. Lou Yuqiang believes that intelligent driving has now reached a new stage of gradual landing. In the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing one-hour traffic circle, road construction, hardware conditions, and coordination efficiency are the key issues.


A round-table dialogue with the theme of “New technology promotes the quality and upgrading of China’s high-end manufacturing”

Li Feng, vice president of LONGi's new energy business group, Dong Xiangguo, chief information officer of China Micro Corporation and general manager of China Micro Huilian, Han Yu, secretary of the board of Akcome Medical, Guan Zhisheng, deputy general manager of Kaipu Biologics, and Zhongmi Holdings The general manager He Fang and five guests started a round-table dialogue on the topic of "New technology promotes the upgrading of China's high-end manufacturing industry".

Li Feng said that China's photovoltaic industry has now reached the top position in the world in terms of technology and products, production scale, and market. The rapid development of the energy industry can reduce corporate costs and effectively promote corporate development. . Dong Xiangguo believes that on a global scale, China's manufacturing industry is at a relatively good level, especially in terms of equipment, talents and experience. The breakthrough is very fast. Han Yu said that all technologies in the medical field are designed to make end customers more convenient. Guan Zhisheng said that the production system of the pharmaceutical industry is similar to high-end manufacturing in terms of large-scale production. It should not only pay attention to precision and instrument automation, but also pay attention to the quality of the entire production process. He Fang believes that industrial machinery is a foundation of the entire real economy, among which key basic components, advanced basic materials, advanced basic craftsmanship, and basic industrial technology determine the innovation capability and high-quality development of an enterprise.


Summit site

In addition, this summit also carefully arranged rich links such as visits and docking of industrial functional areas for the guests.

Accepting the success of holding two consecutive innovation summits in Chengdu, this year's Forbes China Innovation Summit successfully concluded in Chengdu. As the first city in the country to take the new economy as its core development strategy, Chengdu firmly seizes the major opportunities in the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing area's dual-city economic circle, and leads the new first-tier cities with innovative development.

Forbes deeply understands the importance of innovation to social development, always adheres to innovation as the core, and is committed to exploring key moments in history through the perspective of entrepreneurship and innovation, and inspiring entrepreneurs around the world to maximize their potential, keep trying and actively explore , To bring new ideas and breakthrough changes to the development of social economy.

This summit is jointly organized by Forbes China and the Chengdu Municipal Government.

What kind of innovation experience will the Forbes China Innovation Summit next year bring? Let us wait and see together!