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Looking for new opportunities in a new pattern-Forbes China enters the 3rd CIIE

The 3rd China International Import Expo is here as scheduled. From November 5th to 10th, the National Convention and Exhibition Center ushered in this world-renowned international trade feast.

It is understood that the current CIIE has six exhibition areas and four special areas. The total exhibition area has expanded by nearly 30,000 square meters compared with last year. The return rate of the world’s top 500 and leading enterprises in the industry has exceeded 70%. 400,000 people. Although the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic still exists, exhibitors and personnel are still enthusiastic about this event.

Last year, Forbes China signed a strategy with the International Merchandise Exchange & Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “IMX”) under the Hong Kong Jingwei Group at the 2nd CIIE Global Small and Medium Enterprise Import Trade Service Forum Cooperation agreement. Over the past year, the two parties have worked together and achieved fruitful results.

This year, Forbes China's strategic partner IMX and Shanghai Hongkou District Commercial Committee jointly held the "New Pattern, New Opportunity" forum at the 3rd CIIE.

“New pattern, new opportunity” Forum


Li Siwei, executive director of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd. and CEO of Forbes China, was invited to attend the roundtable discussion session of the forum. The roundtable discussion focused on "Cyclic Growth and Cross-Border Aggregation". It was chaired by IMX Investment Director Li Junmin. The guests included Liu Zhongyou, the Scottish Government’s Trade Representative in China, and Helisheng (Shanghai) Business Consulting Partner Su Qi.

In the roundtable discussion, Li Siwei first briefly introduced Forbes and Forbes China, and emphasized the positioning of Forbes China——SINO, namely Social, Inspiration, and Networking And objectivity.

Li Siwei, Executive Director of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd. and CEO of Forbes China


When talking about the development of foreign SMEs in China, he said that the Chinese market is very attractive to foreign companies, and many companies want to use Forbes China to increase their understanding of China. Forbes China is happy to be China's window to the world. While leading foreign companies and entrepreneurs to develop or cooperate in China, it also brings good Chinese stories to the world. Regardless of whether the epidemic exists or not, Forbes China’s original intention for this has not changed.

He believes that international trade has the attributes of China-foreign docking, including both entering and going out. And IMX is a good platform that can help foreign companies enter the Chinese market more smoothly and develop together with China. He vividly compared China's development to a fire, which may be misunderstood while bringing warmth and light to the world. Therefore, while going global, we must show as many resources and advantages as possible so that the world can better understand China.

Finally, he emphasized that in Sino-foreign relations, cultural exchanges are very important, and soft promotion can be used to enhance understanding of the cultures of various countries. For example, in the Forbes China 30 Under 30 event, there is a theme of the life attitude of the new generation of China, which is also a way of promotion. Life is an aspect of culture. By understanding culture, cultural barriers may be eliminated to a certain extent.

IMX booth


As the trade service section of Hong Kong Jingwei Group, IMX takes "importing quality products for quality demand and providing quality services for quality supply" as its purpose, and is committed to providing "one-stop shop" for global quality products entering China. Service, so that truly good products are shared globally.

On November 8, IMX and the Moroccan Embassy will host the "Moroccan Tea Party" at the third CIIE. Russell Flannery, Chief China Advisor of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd. and Forbes China Editor-in-Chief, will attend and give a keynote speech on the "Influence of China's Wealth Growth".

Welcome to participate in the activity at the 8.2H B04-06 IMX booth of the National Convention and Exhibition Center!