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2020 Forbes China Innovation Summit opens in Chengdu today

The 2020 Forbes China Innovation Summit (hereinafter referred to as the summit) officially opened in Chengdu today. This summit will be held concurrently with the 2020 CIIF and Chain Expo, and will be held online and offline simultaneously. Hundreds of guests from all over the country gathered in Chengdu to discuss the innovation and development in the new era based on the theme of "New Breakthrough in Global Innovation", based on a global perspective.

At the beginning of this year, the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle was upgraded to a national strategy. As one of the protagonists of the Chengdu-Chongqing Twin City Economic Circle, Chengdu has been directly promoted to the Beta+ level of the world city as early as 2018, ranking first in China's new first-tier cities. In this year's Forbes China's List of Potential Companies for Listed Companies, Chengdu contributed 5 companies from Haite High-tech, Tianli Education, Zhongmi Holdings, Jafa Education, and Elodea, ranking second among the listed companies. Chengdu is gaining momentum on the innovation track, leading the new first-tier cities with its unique innovative charm and accelerating to become a window city in China.

Inheriting the prosperity of the past and following the trend, this is the third consecutive year that Forbes China and the Chengdu Municipal Government have jointly organized the summit, aimed at promoting cross-industry exchanges and integration, leading the new direction of international business development, and presenting the new face of China's innovation in the context of the world.

Li Siwei, Executive Director of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd., CEO of Forbes China, Chen Fu, Director of Chengdu Expo Bureau, and Chairman of Chengdu Council for the Promotion of International Trade, respectively addressed the summit. Mike Perlis, vice chairman of Forbes Universal Media Holdings, sent a congratulatory message via video.


Li Siwei, Executive Director of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd. and Forbes China CEO, delivered a speech at the summit

In his speech, Li Siwei stated that the vigorous development of China's economy and society is inseparable from the word "innovation". He emphasized that Forbes always adheres to innovation as the core, and encourages entrepreneurs and change makers around the world to display their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial spirit in the business field, create wealth and create value, and hopes that the innovation summit will become a two-way gold for Forbes China and Chengdu. business card.


Video Congratulations by Mike Perlis, Vice Chairman of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mike · Perris expressed regret in the video that he could not come to the summit this year. He believes that advocating technological innovation can reduce costs and increase efficiency, and that new models and blockchain can collaborate to create extraordinary new production capacity and prepare for a smarter, safer, and more highly resonant era.


Chen Fu, Director of Chengdu Expo Bureau and Chairman of Chengdu Council for the Promotion of International Trade, delivered a speech at the summit

Chen Fu stated in his speech that Chengdu is a national central city with international influence and regional competitiveness, an international gateway hub city and a world-famous cultural city. Taking this summit as an opportunity, Chengdu will strengthen ties and cooperation with Forbes China, actively promote the convergence and integration of innovative resources on a global scale, promote the docking of capital and innovation projects, promote the incubation of domestic and foreign innovative technologies, and gather innovative and entrepreneurial elements for Chengdu. Optimize the innovation and entrepreneurship ecology, stimulate the vitality of urban innovation and breakthroughs, and expand a broader space.

In the keynote speech session, Huo Jianguo, former dean of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce and vice chairman of the China World Trade Organization Research Association, brought a wonderful experience around the "double cities" middot; double innovation and middot; double cycle new pattern" Keynote speech.


Huo Jianguo, Former Dean of the Institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce, Vice President of the China World Trade Organization Research Society

In his keynote speech, Huo Jianguo deeply analyzed the current changes in international economic and trade forms and the new characteristics of de-globalization, as well as the difficulties and challenges of China’s export-oriented economic development; he explained in detail the basic requirements of the country’s macroeconomic policies, and analyzed the opening policy and scientific research. Innovation, dual-city market consumption, international cooperation, and aviation hubs have put forward a number of constructive opinions on the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.


Roundtable dialogue with the theme of "5G network and the Internet of Everything"

Cao Xinchi, Vice President of Sangfor Group and CTO of Cloud Business, He Yuliang, Deputy General Manager of Aofei Data, Chen Yongli, Deputy General Manager of 5G Solution Center of Inspur Group, General Manager of Information Technology Department of West China Institute of Zhongtong Service Consulting Design and Research Institute, Director of Sichuan Communication Association Zhou Hongcheng started a roundtable dialogue on the topic of "5G network and the Internet of Everything".

Zhou Hongcheng pointed out that 5G has transformed China from a follower to a leader in the international communications industry. While subtly changing people's lives, it is also promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and catalyzing new applications. Cao Xinchi said that data security is very important to cloud storage and requires technology, management, and systems to be jointly constructed. He Yuliang believes that 5G will greatly promote future data, and it is still necessary to further promote the construction of network security, data security and other aspects. Chen Yongli said that 5G brings more opportunities than challenges. It is complementary to the Internet of Things and cloud computing. The future will be an era of great integration of industry technologies.


A round-table dialogue with the theme of “Business Civilization Changes in the New Era of Blockchain”/em>

At the same time, Linkage held the 2020 Innovation Fair and Chain Expo with the theme of "Link Ecology, Empowering New Future". The summit will have a special roundtable dialogue on blockchain. Zhang Shuai, Vice President of FunChain Technology, Fan Ruibin, Deputy General Manager and Blockchain Leader of WeBank’s Distributed Business Technology Development Department, Zhang Yibo, Head of Blockchain Products of Hang Seng Electronics, and Deng Ke, Psychological Affairs of China Blockchain Application Research Center. "Changes in commercial civilization in the new era of blockchain" to start a dialogue.

Deng Ke believes that in the future, the blockchain will instigate an infinitely huge financial market, and subvert and change the basic logic of today's financial business operations. Zhang Yibo said that the role of the subsequent blockchain under the internal circulation is worthy of attention, and the financial system is being promoted to become intelligent and electronic. Fan Ruibin said that key technologies represented by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 5G will become the technical foundation of the digital economy, thereby effectively promoting the all-round development of the digital economy. Zhang Shuai believes that the change that blockchain brings to the financial industry is a change from 0 to 1, because it will bring brand-new content, and its role is inestimable.


Fan Luxian, Chief China Advisor of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd. and Forbes China Editor-in-Chief, interprets the list

Russell Flannery, Chief China Advisor of Forbes Global Media Holdings Co., Ltd. and Forbes China Editor-in-Chief, commented on the "2020 Forbes China Most Innovative Companies List" and "2020 Forbes China Listed Companies Potential Companies List". Interpreted. He said that this year’s list of most innovative companies has an update rate of over 50%, and competition on the innovation track is still fierce. Among them, 7 companies have been on the list for three consecutive years, and "new infrastructure" has become a key buzzword this year; and This year's list of potential listed companies, the listed companies are expanding steadily, their market value has increased, the industry tends to be concentrated, the distribution of cities is concentrated, and the increase in high-tech companies is the main trend.


Awards ceremony

Afterwards, the summit held a grand award ceremony for the two companies on the list. The scene was studded with stars and the atmosphere was warm. Zhongmi Holdings, a Chengdu-listed company, delivered a speech on the list as a representative of the company.

Starting in 2018, Forbes China has held the Innovation Summit together with the Chengdu Municipal Government for three consecutive years. Today, the summit has become an important platform for communication and cooperation between business leaders and industry experts who are committed to innovation.