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Forbes China and Fuyou Culture formally signed a contract to jointly create Forbes China Design Series Selection and Design Summit

On March 3rd, Forbes China and Hangzhou Fuyou Culture Development Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony in Shanghai. The two parties will officially start the first phase of five-year cooperation to jointly create Forbes China Design (series) selection and design summit.

Forbes China Design Selection will focus on China’s potential new design forces, speak up for Chinese design, discover and excavate a group of creative and outstanding Chinese design stars and design-driven innovative companies, and promote Chinese design to become the world’s progressive innovation Important force. At the same time, this project will also promote the integration of world innovative design and China's industrial progress, and become an incubator for the world brand in the Chinese market.

In order to truly realize the industrial driving force of design, Fuyou Culture will also work closely with the local government of the project to create the commanding heights of Chinese design influence through the "Forbes China Design Selection" and related activities. With the appeal of the Forbes brand, Bringing together the cutting-edge forces and leading companies in China's design-driven technological innovation, making the launch site of "Forbes China Design Selection" a new highland leading China's technological innovation and cultural innovation.

Forbes entered China in 2003, adhering to the concept of "entrepreneurship and wealth creation tools", providing Chinese readers with in-depth insights and analysis reports on the business society. At the same time, "Forbes Life" is also paying close attention to the changing lifestyles along with China's social and economic changes, especially the innovation and development in the fields of fashion, design, culture and art, and is committed to creating life lovers. A cross-border exchange platform with innovators to witness the good life in China's new consumer era.

The core team of Fuyou Culture is composed of founding members of the Hong Kong-listed company DXN China (02019.HK), the DXN Industrial and Commercial Culture Group, the Executive Committee of the Joint Pavilion of Chinese Private Enterprises at the Shanghai World Expo, and the China Design Intellectual Property Trading Platform.

Li Siwei, CEO of Forbes China, and Hu Bin, president of DXN Business and Culture Group attended the signing ceremony. Qian Houlin, General Manager of Forbes China Business Operations, and Sun Jun, Chairman of Fuyou Culture, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

【About Forbes China】

Forbes was founded in New York in 1917, with the slogan "Entrepreneurship, wealth creation tool", and became an industry leader with its entrepreneurial spirit and innovative consciousness. The list produced by Forbes is called the "economic barometer" and "wealth vane". Since 2003, Forbes has come to China, adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative consciousness, and has produced a series of lists, research, activities and other platforms including the "Forbes China Rich List". Forbes China is committed to creating an enterprising interactive community for high-end customers, providing a forward-looking and shared environment, and building an entrepreneurial and innovative information ecological chain.

【About Forbes Life】

"Forbes Life" was born under the background of the Internet of science and technology. It focuses on the life status of the "new middle class" and changes in consumption trends, and aims to create a new and positive lifestyle concept that is in line with future development. "Forbes Life" starts from all dimensions of lifestyle and provides more reference and creative space for future business models.

Forbes Life focuses on areas including consumption, health, fashion, housing, design, travel, culture and art, tourism, sports, financial management, etc. Forbes Life series activities cover salons, dinners, forums, exhibitions, tastings, etc., and are committed to creating A cross-border exchange platform for life lovers and innovators to witness the good life in China's new consumer era.